redeploy re‧de‧ploy [ˌriːdɪˈplɔɪ] verb [transitive] COMMERCE
1. to move workers to a different place or job:

• Redeployed staff should be given consideration for vacancies occurring within any area of the Group.

2. to use assets in a different way:

• Those planes are to be redeployed into more profitable areas of the company, such as charter activities and international operations.

— redeployment noun [countable, uncountable] :

• proposals regarding retraining and redeployment of staff

* * *

redeployment UK US /ˌriːdɪˈplɔɪmənt/ noun [C or U]
HR, WORKPLACE, MANAGEMENT the process of moving employees to a different job, or of sending them to work in a different place: redeployment in/within sth »

Employees who have lost their jobs will be considered for redeployment elsewhere within the organization.


redeployment plans/options/opportunities

(the) redeployment of staff/workers/posts »

""It is inevitable that there will be some branch closures, redeployment of staff, and some redundancies,"" the CEO said.

the process of using money or other assets for a different purpose from the one they were originally intended for: (the) redeployment of resources/assets/capital »

Even with the proposed redeployment of resources, there is simply not enough suitable manpower in many poor countries to provide the necessary services.

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